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Create your dog portrait for your best friend. Hand painted modern art in a variety of styles and effects.


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Your Custom Pet Painting in 3 Easy Steps!

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Choose Style

Choose from different sizes, frame options, and background colors, and add details to your pet's portrait. Style the portrait to match your space.

Upload Your Photo

Pick your favorite photo of your pet and upload it to your order so our artists can begin. Check out the image guidelines for the best results!

Get Your Portrait

Our team of digital artists will do their magic to bring out the most adorable portrait of your pet! You can contemplate on location in the meanwhile.

GET Started

Style 1: Watercolor Effect

Our professional artists will turn your pets’ photos into watercolor by using classic painting techniques. These one of a kind watercolor pet portraits are fully handmade on premium gallery-quality paper.

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Style 2: Mixed Combo Effect

Our skilled artists will create realistic, hand drawn colored pencil plus watercolor pet portraits based on your photos. These mixed combo effect paintings are created on premium gallery-quality paper.

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Style 3: Cartoon Effect

Our cartoon artists will turn your pets’ photos into adorable cartoon effect using skillful hands and professional techniques. These one of a kind custom cartoon portraits are 100% handmade on premium gallery-quality paper.

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Style 4: Oil Painting Effect

Our professional oil painting artists will create hand drawn oil portraits on canvas from your photos using age-old techniques. Available portrait frames: 30/40/50/60mm x30/40/50/60mm.

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Style 5: Renaissance Character Effect

Turn your adorable dogs into funny renaissance characters such as the general, the emperor, the admiral, etc. 100% hand painted by our artists on gallery quality canvas. Available in difference sizes.

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If you have any questions, or you’d like to add your pets’ names or any other personalized details to your art piece, please email us at:


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