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Few Things To Consider Before Ordering The Pet Portraits

Pets are the member of the family in most of the families. Pet lovers will be taking care of the pets like anything more. Sometimes they wish to hang a Portrait of the pet on the wall for many reasons such as decoration, show love on pets, for remembrance of loved pets, and more. Pet Portraits are becoming popular in recent years, more than 80 million families own at least one pet at home in the United States alone.

If you are searching for a pet portrait to present to your friend and you are looking for any agencies or services then you reach the destination. Yes, the Mooportraits will give your pet portrait in the style you wish.

Pet with Family

Before that it is a good idea to know how to choose the portraits, that is what are the things that need to be considered before ordering the pet portrait.

Why the Pet Portrait is the choice?

There may be many reasons for choosing the pet portrait. You can see at least one pet lover at home, even everyone may be. Some people will give the pet portrait to their loved ones, as they are pet lovers or own pets at home. You can present it to friends, colleagues, or your family members.

Custom Pet Portrait for Home Decor

Some people will choose pet portrait as the memory of their pet in case of no more. It can also be offered to others as a commemoration of the beloved pet.

In Most cases, pet portraits are used for decoration. It makes the environment feel good, beautiful, and calm.

Medium of the Pet Portrait

The portrait can be done in many mediums like oil, watercolour, charcoal, pencil, pastel, and coloured pencil.

Color Pencil Pet Portrait

It is sure that portrait from every medium has its own beauty and feel. It can be recommended that for coloured paintings you can go for oil painting, if you are looking for black and white, charcoal is the better option. Like every medium has its own feature to choose from.

Size of the Portrait

The size of the Portrait may define where it is going to fit at the end. There are different sizes of portraits are available from small to jumbo sizes. The available defined sizes are small, medium, large, and custom portraits.


The three factors will change as per the sizes you are choosing such as display space, the details in the portrait, and the cost.

Small size portraits can be used in limited space of the small room, placed on tables or bookshelf. The details of the portrait need to be sacrificed.

In a medium-size, more details can be portrait and it is the common size of pet owners. The quality and cost are higher in a large size. More details can be drawn in the larger size and can add more pets.

Photographs of the pet

Photos of cute pets

A good portrait is possible with good and quality photos of the pet. The photograph helps in creating the portrait without changing the character of the pet. These days, taking a picture becomes easy with the availability of mobile phones and tablets.

Style of the portraits

The pet owners will have different styles and taste to decorate their house with their pet portraits. There are different types of portrait styles and two common styles are adventure style and In-Home style.

Adventure styles of portraits are mostly taken in various natural scenes like in mountain areas, riverside areas, along the coast, and more. Adventure styles are commonly seen in nature magazines and in the advertisement.

Custom Dog Portrait

In in-home style, the photographer will take a picture of the pet in their home. The beauty of the portrait depends on the decoration of the home.

Custom two pet portrait

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