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Different Pet Portraits Style Options to Choose From

Photos of family and friends placed around our home makes it feel more like our space, but how many photos of your pets can you find hanging on your walls? If you are like most people, you have pictures in your phone, but may not have any handing on the wall. It is time to do something about that. Pet owners often claim that their pet is a true part of the family, but if there are no photos of them on the wall, how can you really show they are an important part of your family. The answer is simple. Pet portraits are in for 2021 and pet parents everywhere are investing in high quality pet portraits for their special furry friends. If you have thought about pet portraits, but have yet to invest in them, here are some of the most popular Pet Portraits Style options to choose from and yes, there is quite a variety.

Dog Show Portraits

Among the most traditional styles of dog portraits is a style known primarily to avid pet photographers and those in the dog breeding and dog show industry. These dog show portraits are more than just an image of the pet, but a true depiction of the intricate nature of their breeding. They show off various attributes of the dog’s breed including, but not merely limited to bone structure, muscle tone, overall structure of the pet, and any features highly regarded in traditional dog breeding. In this Pet Portraits Style the pet is photographed showing off its strong lines and a full body profile.

Adventure and Lifestyle Portraits

Adventure photography has become remarkably popular over the past few decades. We see this type of photography in travel magazines and with more and more people bringing their pets with them when they travel, we see more and more of these types of photos with their animals. Adventure and lifestyle portraits tend to have a neutral background and show the pet in a pose showing off their current adventure. The image is placed near a lake, ocean, mountains, or other form of adventurous location. Props such as clothing and sunglasses are often a part of the adventure Pet Portraits Style to show off even more of the pet’s personality.

Environmental Style Pet Portraits

Pet portrait styles are often similar, but it is their subtle differences that can completely change the composition of that image. Environmental style pet portraits are an example of this. They look remarkably similar to adventure or lifestyle portraits, but are slightly different in the fact that environmental portraits can portray nature, but often are set in an urban or unnatural setting. Environmental portraits are generally those that tell a deeper story about the pet than the adventure variety.

In Home Pet Portraits

Your home is where most of your pet’s time is spent. They have their favorite places to relax, their favorite toys, and even areas they go when they are feeling out of sorts. In home pet portraits allow the pet to remain in their normalized environment and this fact can often allow the pet to take more natural photos. Photographers and those that invest in this Pet Portrait Style are able to get amazing shots without investing heavily into the location. The pet is already at home and it is only natural to make a portrait in their current environment.

Studio Pet Portraits

Portrait studios are certainly not a new thing. They have been a part of the landscape for many, many years, but these days, the notion of what constitutes family is expanding. No longer are humans the only part of the family that matters and portrait studios are taking notice. Although not all portrait studios are currently pet friendly, a growing number are adapting to the needs of expanded families by including pet friendly additions to their studios. Not only are pets being included in family portraits, but on their own as well. Studio pet portraits often offer stand alone packages to pet parents as well. Costumes and props can be used to make the portrait come alive and bring a little more personality to the pet.

Composite Pet Portraits

Many different Pet Portraits Styles include a simple, unobstructed backgrounds and imagery, but composite pet portraits are a little different. Instead of providing a natural setting for the pet, an uncommon background and even costumes are used. These are the portraits you see where the pet is wearing a space helmet in space or another unconventional background. Essentially, the image is the pet’s face imposed on the background and can be a lot of fun for both the photographer and pet owner.

Pet Portraits Style options vary drastically and as time goes by, inventive photographers are coming up with even more styles for pet parents to choose from. The next time you want to take a photo of your pet, consider a portrait instead. They add far more value to your home and memorialize your pet in a much better way than just a simple photo. Do something special for your pet, because they do so much for you.

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