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2022 Home Decor Ideas For Pet Lovers

A pet decor is a unique way to combine the inherent love towards animal into the artistic talent, which not only gives  self satisfaction, the pleasure of  hobby but also it can make a good income source to peoples who are keenly interested in it. The clients will adore and preserve good portraits at any cost. The animal enthusiasts will spend considerable time to get good portraits of their beloved choice of pets.

cute dog having picnic with family

What about Pet portrait decorators?

As we are in the era of nuclear family set up even in few villages the number of daily contacts among the family is constrained to a few. In one way it leads to addition of pets in each house to vent out from the frustrations and stress which comes out from the feel of isolation unlike in the joint family wherein the human contacts are more.

A survey done on the pet decors market revealed that it is worth a whopping $ 2.76 billion in the year 2017 and keeps growing around 5% every year. For a dedicated and interested photographer with skills it surely is a good source income and profit.

Pet Portrait with Frame

Moreover everything in the new age revolves around the show casing and publicity the professionals in any sector concerned in advertising or marketing field gets prominent share and a  remarkable source of income in the present consumer oriented business segment.

Many of the professional human decors are also pet decors. The cost of this decorator depends upon the locations and specifics of the photo shoot. Though the output comes through the camera equipment, the core behind is the skill of the brain who took the shots. Still the equipment also plays a considerable role. The minimum equipment needed is an DSLR and prime lenses that autofocus - the 50mm f/ 1.4 , a good quality Zoom lens with HS memory cards.

Cat portrait with DIY frame

Custom framed Portrait: A client can get the decors of his beloved pet, beautifully illustrated by a professional pet decor. You can inscribe the pet name in the picture in varied background and different frame options. Apart from the decorators many allied things can be added on resulting in more scope in the market to enhance the income in many ways resulting many more job opportunities as far as the skill is concerned.

Customization: While bringing about the inner royalty of the pets, the portrait decors can be uploaded in a unique way on mugs or wall hangings to add beauty of your reception halls. And it is an ideal gift to the pet enthusiasts on any occasion.

Qualifications to be pet decors:

Though no certified qualification is needed to be pet decors, you must be aware of few nuances and special skills to get yourself top in the field. You must know about how to use the editing software in addition to your inherent camera eye skills.

And to make it as a profitable business you must be aware of the following things to survive and win in the race in the current competitive scenario.

The foremost being is the love towards animals. How much you know about them and how you treat them is the most important thing. Next, come the scope of the market around your vicinity. Find where you have more options and work on it.

Pet Portrait Home Decor

Thirdly, as mentioned above the right equipment needed quality. And you must know all the intricacies and nuances about the equipment in your possession.

And the last but not the least, you must be thoroughly aware about how to handle the animals. The handling and the care with precautions is the most vital aspect to deal with the animals.

To sum up if you love animals, have the photographic skills and know the techniques needed to get the best outputs from the instrument in your hand you can do wonders in your chosen field.

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